02/ 13/ 18

Let that light in.

Striding into Spring is something we all crave.  The sun peaking into our windows showing us that lighter days are making their way toward our doorstep.  I have often been asked, what is it that drives me in the work i do.  And i’m here in this humble space to tell you what that is.  It’s simple.  It’s YOU babes.  You are my reason.  My WHY in every decision i make in guiding you to the best version of yourself.  Your wardrobe is just one piece of the puzzle.  The decisions we make everyday affect not only how we see ourselves, but more importantly how that perspective internally translates how we approach our life.  And Spring is a natural reminder.  When things begin to bloom, that light slowly shares breath more and more into our everyday.  Peaking through the clouds, and straight to our heart.  Let the new season be a cue.  To you.  To me.  To lighten the load.  To make room for the next layer of who you are intended to be for others, yes.  But most importantly, for you.  We hear a lot about self-care lately.  It’s essential in everyday.  Mind, body, beauty, and spirit.  And it simply starts by choosing YOU as a priority.  Tis’ the season for closet-edits, and all things self-care.  I’m here for you every step of the way!

x.o. renée

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01/ 08/ 18

Looking ahead. 2018

If there was ever a year i am looking for forward to, it’s the one i’m in.  2018 has a lot in store babes.  I have been reuniting with some of the best back in my hometown, and giving greater breath into what already is.  Keep your eyes peeled for more services, products to share, and more inspiration than ever before.  Dressing your best in 2018 will never feel better with me by your side.  To you babes.  This is your year.  Click HERE to book your next appointment.

x.o. renée

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12/ 01/ 17

Style & Beauty w/ Renée

Check out Renée’s take on Beauty, and the WHY to her story here. |

Style and Beauty have always gone deeper than just clothing and looks for me. It has always been at the heart of what @reneelarastyle is really all about. Well-being, Beauty, Gratitude, and Grace.  I’m so excited to share another layer to my business with you.  Health is something i have learned to see as a gift since 1997 when i was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.  While it has brought many challenges, it has also opened so many beautiful doors of opportunity.  It has gifted me with a true understanding of what it means to live a truly meaningful life.  So join me on this journey babes.  Where style and beauty are married. And health is it’s heart.  We all deserve to live a beautiful, healthy life.

In Style and Beauty always. x.o. renée


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11/ 01/ 17

own your lane.

My message this November is quite simple babes.  I’m feeling quite strongly about it actually.  Especially coming and going so much in my life from place to place.  Because really, that’s life.  It’s the unexpected ventures we take that often are our greatest gifts.  I’m back in my city.  The one where i came from.  The one i will always belong to.  And yet, there are the other places and people i belong to.  Who belong to me also.  They are embedded in my heart, and won’t ever fade.

You can stay in one spot all your life.  Physically.  Emotionally. Spiritually.  Personally.  And that’s okay.  If it’s okay with you.  Or you can switch lanes, and test out the speeds that work for you.  Because my darlings, not everyone is going to be in your same lane.  At the same time.  They might not even understand the speed you travel.  Perhaps you move too slow.  Or maybe way too fast.  It really doesn’t matter.  It’s YOUR lane.  Your speed.  Your life.  Your dreams.  Do not waiver.  Never doubt that the road you are on is the one you should ultimately be traveling.  As long as you are listening to your heart (Which also happens to be your gut), you have arrived at the point in your journey that is exactly where you NEED to be.

So… Let your lane guide you.  Let your heart listen.  And your hands stay steadfast on that wheel.  For they will lead you to exactly where your life is intended. >>> The the ultimate next highway that is your life.  Celebrate all the lane changes.  It makes you the most amazing work of art.  Share what you learn.  Be patient with those who want to keep on the straight and narrow.  And empathetic to all who have had to switch directions more times than perhaps they deserved.  Truth is, we are all on the same Freeway.  It’s called LIFE.  And we are all trying to find our way.   As long as we decide to honor our own vehicle, and those who pass us or who might be way behind us, we can accomplish anything we set our gears to.  It’s our greatest discovery, this beautiful life that is ours.  Give thanks and keep driving babes.  The road is yours to take.   x.o. renée


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10/ 01/ 17

Style Consult w/ Renée

What does a ‘Style Consultation’ with Renée really look like?  i get asked this from time to time.  And quite simply, it’s one of my favorite parts of what i do.  Why?  Because i get to meet you.   Build a relationship with you.  Get rid of all the noise in your head.  And get to the heart of what is really stopping you from pursuing the absolute best version of yourself.


Wardrobe and style are more than clothes babes.  i say this all the time.  It’s a vehicle to sharing with others how you feel from the inside outward.  And if we aren’t good on the inside, how are we to be anything but on the out.  Personal Style is not only connected to clothing, but our overall well-being.  And the process to ensuring you are nourishing yourself with what that means for you, is where i come in.


Let’s connect.  Over coffee, by phone, in the comfort of your own space.  Book your consultation with me today.  It will recharge you.  i promise.  It’s your start to achieving whatever goal you might have.  An event, or an entire new phase in life  where you need to redirect how you approach it.  I’m here for you.  And can’t wait to meet you!


Book an appointment in the Month of October and get a $25 voucher for your next appointment!  x.o. renée


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09/ 20/ 17

Styling the seasons.

Joy is finding your voice.  Believing in the beautiful gifts that you know you have to share.  Then sharing them without apology or hesitation.  Seeking new ways to grow.  Discovering them.  Then sharing all the wonders that come with it.

We are heading into Fall babes.  Fascinated by the changing elements that make up this beautiful season.  Evolving colors, temperatures, and feelings that make us feel a little something new.

Styling the seasons is all about following these cues.  Embracing the newness, and discovering how it compliments our own evolution of Self.  Where we are going, what goals we have to achieve, and how we want to ultimately share ourselves with the world.

I love this time of year babes.  And love working with all of  YOU.  Discovering the next season brings joy not only in how we steer our own personal style, but in how we embody it in every stride that is our own.  So hold on, and let these changes come.  Embrace their silent hints that ultimately inspire growth and beauty.  Then share them with all the world to know and see.  You are something worth discovering!

x.o. renée


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09/ 15/ 17

Personal Styling with Renée.

Been taking a leap back into some very familiar places lately.  And i’m telling you, it feels good.  This familiar feeling that permeates my current everyday.  There’s something to be said about stretching your wings.  Putting yourself in challenging places and spaces.  Only to land right back where your heart feels most at home.   Yet, those feet are grounded much differently than before.  Yes?  It’s called Life.  Experience.  Loss.  Gain.  Ventures that succeed.  And those that need a gentle boot.  They all bring us back to exactly WHERE we need to land.  To that familiar place that draws our hearts to.  HOME.

When i started my business several years ago, there was this one underlying philosophy to all the work i would do.  It was simply to make any person i work with (mostly HER ), feeling beautiful after leaving me.  Maybe it was a simple conversation we exchanged.  The way she saw herself again.  The search for the perfect dress.  How we pulled whatever IT was together, so that when she walked into that room she felt more like HERSELF than she had ever imagined she could.  THAT is it.  That is why and where Renée Lara Style was born.  And why i am so excited to be back to familiar clients,  a growing and prosperous city of venturing entrepreneurs and creative spirits alike.

Personal Style is more than just clothes babes.  It’s about finding your voice and yourself in the most unexpected ways.  There is so much joy in doing my work simply because i get to see HER feel something that perhaps others try to squash.  Her BEAUTY.  Her simple and powerful beauty.  Because we all have it in us.  Sometimes it just takes one simple moment to turn that light switch on.  To see ourselves that way we deserve to be seen by all.  And that is where i find my absolute joy.  In watching this discovery when working with HER.

I’m back at it babes.  Taking on new clients.  Familiar and new.  Exploring new ventures.  And enjoying this beautiful ride of getting fully back into what has always been my love.  My passion.  My purpose.

Come join me.  Book an appointment.  Let’s dig into finding that moment where you feel exactly the thing you already are.


x.o. renée


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09/ 07/ 17

Making the first move. Making it your purpose.

When do we make THE move?  The very first move?  The one we have been thinking about.  The one that keeps us up at night.  We dream about it.  We toss and turn over it.  It’s the MOVE where we see all our ambitious ideas come to life.  WHEN do we do it?

i have come to realize in my life that there really isn’t any right time for anything.  When to fall in love.  When to take that job.  When to leave a lover.  When to close a chapter.   When to open another.  When to just give in, while never giving up.  When to fight for something.  When to surrender with humility and trust.

There is no right time babes.  However, there is this… NEVER a wrong time to simply follow your heart.

So just LISTEN to her.   She’s your compass.   And even if it’s not gonna be the easiest decision to make, it’s probably gonna be the right one.  Because really, nothing comes easy to those take risks.  To those who challenge the questionable.  Follow the path that is the voice inside your heart.  Because darling, it won’t stop talking until you do.  There’s a reason it won’t.  It’s YOUR PURPOSE.

I have made many first moves.   Literally.   From where I have traveled, to where i have lived.  In how i met and fell in love with my guy, and the two little men we created.  By taking several risks in career.  And then deciding to challenge myself further.  Making a move is far greater than staying put.  That is where the real growth and opportunity flourish.  Trust me on this one.

I’m back in Portland, OR.  And i have so many amazing experiences to look forward t0.   There is this palpable energy to my city.  And i am grateful to be back as a spectator, as well as a participant.  Returning to my passions.  Celebrating it’s purpose.  And making a difference in every individual’s life i am graced to work and collaborate with.

So make your passion your purpose babes.  Share your gift.  Make that first move by following your heart full speed.

You will never look back.  i promise.  x.o.~renee,  Stylist and friend.


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03/ 01/ 17

Spring Feels.


We are almost out of the bone-chilling season babes.  Had the most glorious day last week.  The sun was peaking through every cloud as if it were surrounding me with a big bout of assurance and hope.  Spooning me confidence in the most beautifully quiet of styles.  I am reminded that this life is full of opportunity.  Opportunity to learn, succeed, fail, and fervently move forward.  You can hide behind the clouds, or you can let your light peak around the corner at your own pace.  Letting the world feel the intense talent and spirit that only you can offer.

I delight in every morning I wake, and in every season.  Knowing that each day offers something exciting, new, and different than the day prior.  I am open to the unexpected places, relationships, signs that guide me to my next big move.  Follow those rhythms that are speaking to you babes.  Dance to it inside your head, then take one step after the other.  Pretty soon those steps will turn into strokes of beautiful stories and dreams that instantly become attainable by simply taking the lead…

x.o. renée

Image by |  Renée Lara Style

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01/ 01/ 17

Happy New Year babes.

mama and boys

It’s always what you make of it.  Go into this New Year without regret, only vision gained from what has gone before you.  2017 has the best things in store for you darling babes.  Put one foot in front of the other, and give it your best stride.  No time for fear.  Only strength, desire, and the opportunity to live fully alive!

x.o. always, renée


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12/ 05/ 16

The best gift you can give yourself…


December is here babes!  And while the dust settles a bit in preparation for a new year ahead…I find that so much joy resides in the simplicity of reflection.  Of what this coming month can truly bring.   Tis’ the season for the hustle and bustle of finding the perfect gifts to give others.  The long lists of those you need to show your appreciation.  The letters that need to be posted, and parties that need to be attended to and planned.  In all the memories of past holidays, I have never held tight in memory to the the gifts I was given, or the number of beautiful holiday cards received.  I DO recall the feelings of the holidays.  When I walked into a room with those whom I hadn’t seen in oh so long.  The friend who needed that extra tight hug .  The absolute presence of being in the moment.  The joy that comes from forgiveness.  The happiness that lives in your heart because you are simply together.  Now that is a gift I can get behind.

Let yourself FEEL the spirit of December darling babes.  Wrap up the gift of self-love, and give it to you this holiday.  Buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing for a decade.  Take an extra long shower.  Hug someone a little bit longer.  Smile more.  Take time to just be in the absolute moment of the season.  It’s not always what you give in a box that matters to others.  It’s what you give from within.  Take care of that heart of yours babes.  Others will benefit from the beauty and light that brilliantly shines from the inside of the one and only incredibly capable you.  xo-renée


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11/ 01/ 16



November is a beautiful reminder to seek gratitude in all circumstances and experiences that knock on your door.  Discover gratitude in every step you take.  In every person you encounter.  And every result that you simply did not see coming.  It is within gratitude that greatness is born, and possibilities are endless.  xo-renée

Gratitude opens the door to…the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe. You open the door through gratitude. ~Deepak Chopra


Image by  Renée Lara Style

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10/ 01/ 16

Pausing for Autumn


Hello beautiful season.  A time of  transition.  A place where layers are shed, and colors are changing.  When letting go never felt so good.  Autumn is here babes.  Oh the beauty it relays in everything this season can represent.  Whatever transition might be brewing within your gorgeous heart, let it happen.  Be thankful for what the past has shared, and give the present a moment of appreciation for what your future season will bring with it.

I know that I certainly can’t help but feel so much in what the upcoming season means personally for me.  And while I might not know exactly how all the layers that are shedding will fall, I do TRUST that where they land is exactly the place where my future is intended to travel.  To a new season babes.  To a beautiful transition.  May you embrace the layers shed, and the let your journey fall into a place that is natural and true.  xo~renée


Image by  Renée Lara Style

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09/ 01/ 16

closing August in style and love


Closing on an incredible month full of the most beautiful memories.  September is here.  And with that comes cooler temps, and lots of changes in schedules and routines.  Like anything new, I welcome the opportunities that await me while sitting in a wealth of gratitude for what this past month has provided.  Turning the page and reaching the next chapter comes with feelings of accomplishment for the knowledge given, and a palpable anticipation for what the next pages read in telling our story.

Celebrate this next season babes.  No matter what the book of life has in store for you, take in one chapter at a time.  And pursue the things your heart desires.

In Style & Love. xo~renée

Image by  Renée Lara Style

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08/ 01/ 16

Stepping up. Everyday.


Hello August!  It’s really nice to see you.  It also reminds me that Summer is initiating it’s close.  And because of that, I am reminded to step things up a bit.  How?  In absolutely every aspect of my life.  Stepping up my intentions for closing the Summer with gratitude and appreciation.  Stepping up how I choose to live out the day-to-day moments of work, life, and holiday retreats with those I am graced to be surrounded by.  Fall is knocking on my door.  And Ohhhhhh, how that makes my heart flutter a bit with the thought of closed toed shoes, booties for days, layers upon layers of scarves, and hottest of lattes.  However, let’s not wish these last days of Summer away.  Let those toes breathe a few more moments longer.  Embrace the season you are in babes.  Whether it’s filled with sunshine or stormy currents…it’s what is meant to be today.  Take in every step you take.  For each step taken brings you that much closer to your destined journey and path.  And elevating those steps with a little bit more presence of mind and gratitude can’t hurt.  xo~renée


Image by Renée Lara Style

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