09/ 19/ 18

Seattle w/ Renée

Come join me this November 2-4th for a unforgettable weekend get-away where Style and Travel come to life.   I have partnered with Foreign to Domestic to begin one of several Travel Series to come.  A moment in time where women can come together as they are to explore new cities & share their passions, and get to know the stories behind amazing businesses, brands, & makers.  Want to learn more about our trip?  Click HERE to see what kind of weekend you’ll be in for.

I’m so excited to have you on this weekend with me loves!  Travel.  Live.  Love.  Inspire.  Always.  x.o. R


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08/ 15/ 18

Love Language

Wardrobe has always been a source for me to share something unique.  It’s my love language really.  The truth is, when you are undeniably YOU there is a beautiful power that comes to life.  Why?  Because you nourish the one thing that matters most… your HEART.  And when you do just that, you have an audience who craves the same.  They’re watching you.  So be that one shining example not only in the way you clothe your body, but also how you design your life.  Honor the true being you are today.

You are powerful simply by being you.  Share your glory loves.  I will always be  your biggest fan.   x.o. R


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06/ 04/ 18

Swiftly Shifting

So many exciting things are taking shape right now.  Somehow, it always falls into the changing of a seasons.  How beautiful that transition can be.  We whisk away a season of growth in the PNW for the sweet sweet scent of rays of sunbeams & feelings of all things new.  Let’s dance in this season together.  Sharing all the fortunes & delights that are to soon follow.  You have the Will & Way to swing into something so sweet.  There truly is nothing that can stop you.  Go for it.  Follow that light of yours with intention.  There is no need for permission to share your beautiful gifts.  Shed those layers.  Let the sun shine bright onto your ever-so desirable skin & heart.  Surround yourself with all things that fill your space with pure joy.  You deserve it more than ever this Summer.  Follow along on my Events page for upcoming Workshops, Events, Traveling opportunities, and more.  x.o.  Renée


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05/ 21/ 18

My Number One Priority in Styling…

If there was ever a message I could give my clients after working with them, is how WORTHY they are of feeling their best self.  From Editing her wardrobe, to letting go of the pieces that can be better served for those who are without, to all the work I do.  Our wardrobe is our way of communicating how we are feeling TODAY.   It’s an avenue to giving back to our community.  A way of living by the decisions we make in what we wear, and how we share our true authentic selves every day.

Whether it’s Editing your Wardrobe,  Styling you for that meaningful  event / capture, or guiding you to shop for the pieces that truly reflect where you are today… My time and commitment with you is that you always leave me feeling a little lighter, inspired, more YOU.

So grateful for the clients I have, and the ones I am graced to meet in my work.  Wardrobe Styling for me, is an art.   I love connecting humanity to a feeling of joy simply by giving her the confidence to evolve, grow, and become the woman she strives to be with each new day.

I look forward to working with you, and showcasing your true authentic self through style w/ love.  x.o. R


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05/ 07/ 18

Connecting Personal Style to Fashion & Well-being.

My mission working with clients is ALWAYS to connect Personal Style to Fashion and Well-being.  Wardrobe is just one avenue in creating a lifestyle that authentically represents the goals and riches we hope to pursue.  Check out my segment on KATU Afternoon Live.

Loved sharing this topic with you, as it means so much to me in how I work with you.  X.O. R

Watch the Segment HERE.


04/ 20/ 18

Dressing for the life you want.

When we want to make a change in our life, we often look inward.  Habits we want to change.  A lifestyle that better suits where we are in our current lives.  Shifting our dreams to match our true path toward greatness is in our control.  We must take ownership, and dive into creating the life we wish to have.  How??…

When it comes to how we feel from the inside out,  Wardrobe and Wellness go hand-in-hand.   It’s the core to the work I do for you.  I am so excited about the Style Chats I have lined up for the Summer, and the opportunity to work with you in your wardrobe.  True beauty really does shine from the inside out.   Let’s design a wardrobe & lifestyle that represents the life you want to lead.   I can’t wait to work with you!

x.o. renée

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04/ 10/ 18

Inspire. Embrace. Grow.


Welcome to Renée Lara Style.  My hope in all the work I do is that you leave feeling INSPIRED to simply make YOU a priority.  To take the first step in simplifying your life.  Clearing out noise that gets in the way of putting your best foot forward, & making room for the experiences and joys you so deserve.

Through Wardrobe Styling,  Beauty, Workshops, and all the services I provide, the process begins with simply EMBRACING where & who you are today.  All the while building tools to achieve GROWTH you aspire to attain. Personally, Professionally, & Beyond.

No matter the client or need, my goal is to always connect Personal Style to Fashion & Well-being.  I cannot wait to work with you.

x.o. Renée Lara

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03/ 05/ 18

Style Chats with Renée


I am excited to announce that I will be hosting weekly Coffee Chats focusing on all things Beauty, Health, and Style.  Want in?  Follow along by clicking HERE.  All Workshops and Style Chats will be held at Consign Couture where my Studio will live starting this month.  My mission is simple in working with with you.   Through the services I provide and the workshops I roll out you will leave feeling renewed, refreshed, and equipped to tackle your day with ease, style, and confidence.

I can not wait to work with each and everyone of you!

x.o. renée

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02/ 13/ 18

Let that light in.

Striding into Spring is something we all crave.  The sun peaking into our windows showing us that lighter days are making their way toward our doorstep.  I have often been asked, what is it that drives me in the work i do.  And i’m here in this humble space to tell you what that is.  It’s simple.  It’s YOU babes.  You are my reason.  My WHY in every decision i make in guiding you to the best version of yourself.  Your wardrobe is just one piece of the puzzle.  The decisions we make everyday affect not only how we see ourselves, but more importantly how that perspective internally translates how we approach our life.  And Spring is a natural reminder.  When things begin to bloom, that light slowly shares breath more and more into our everyday.  Peaking through the clouds, and straight to our heart.  Let the new season be a cue.  To you.  To me.  To lighten the load.  To make room for the next layer of who you are intended to be for others, yes.  But most importantly, for you.  We hear a lot about self-care lately.  It’s essential in everyday.  Mind, body, beauty, and spirit.  And it simply starts by choosing YOU as a priority.  Tis’ the season for closet-edits, and all things self-care.  I’m here for you every step of the way!

x.o. renée

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01/ 08/ 18

Looking ahead. 2018

If there was ever a year i am looking for forward to, it’s the one i’m in.  2018 has a lot in store babes.  I have been reuniting with some of the best back in my hometown, and giving greater breath into what already is.  Keep your eyes peeled for more services, products to share, and more inspiration than ever before.  Dressing your best in 2018 will never feel better with me by your side.  To you babes.  This is your year.  Click HERE to book your next appointment.

x.o. renée

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12/ 01/ 17

Style & Beauty w/ Renée

Check out Renée’s take on Beauty, and the WHY to her story here. |

Style and Beauty have always gone deeper than just clothing and looks for me. It has always been at the heart of what @reneelarastyle is really all about. Well-being, Beauty, Gratitude, and Grace.  I’m so excited to share another layer to my business with you.  Health is something i have learned to see as a gift since 1997 when i was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.  While it has brought many challenges, it has also opened so many beautiful doors of opportunity.  It has gifted me with a true understanding of what it means to live a truly meaningful life.  So join me on this journey babes.  Where style and beauty are married. And health is it’s heart.  We all deserve to live a beautiful, healthy life.

In Style and Beauty always. x.o. renée


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11/ 01/ 17

own your lane.

My message this November is quite simple babes.  I’m feeling quite strongly about it actually.  Especially coming and going so much in my life from place to place.  Because really, that’s life.  It’s the unexpected ventures we take that often are our greatest gifts.  I’m back in my city.  The one where i came from.  The one i will always belong to.  And yet, there are the other places and people i belong to.  Who belong to me also.  They are embedded in my heart, and won’t ever fade.

You can stay in one spot all your life.  Physically.  Emotionally. Spiritually.  Personally.  And that’s okay.  If it’s okay with you.  Or you can switch lanes, and test out the speeds that work for you.  Because my darlings, not everyone is going to be in your same lane.  At the same time.  They might not even understand the speed you travel.  Perhaps you move too slow.  Or maybe way too fast.  It really doesn’t matter.  It’s YOUR lane.  Your speed.  Your life.  Your dreams.  Do not waiver.  Never doubt that the road you are on is the one you should ultimately be traveling.  As long as you are listening to your heart (Which also happens to be your gut), you have arrived at the point in your journey that is exactly where you NEED to be.

So… Let your lane guide you.  Let your heart listen.  And your hands stay steadfast on that wheel.  For they will lead you to exactly where your life is intended. >>> The the ultimate next highway that is your life.  Celebrate all the lane changes.  It makes you the most amazing work of art.  Share what you learn.  Be patient with those who want to keep on the straight and narrow.  And empathetic to all who have had to switch directions more times than perhaps they deserved.  Truth is, we are all on the same Freeway.  It’s called LIFE.  And we are all trying to find our way.   As long as we decide to honor our own vehicle, and those who pass us or who might be way behind us, we can accomplish anything we set our gears to.  It’s our greatest discovery, this beautiful life that is ours.  Give thanks and keep driving babes.  The road is yours to take.   x.o. renée


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10/ 01/ 17

Style Consult w/ Renée

What does a ‘Style Consultation’ with Renée really look like?  i get asked this from time to time.  And quite simply, it’s one of my favorite parts of what i do.  Why?  Because i get to meet you.   Build a relationship with you.  Get rid of all the noise in your head.  And get to the heart of what is really stopping you from pursuing the absolute best version of yourself.


Wardrobe and style are more than clothes babes.  i say this all the time.  It’s a vehicle to sharing with others how you feel from the inside outward.  And if we aren’t good on the inside, how are we to be anything but on the out.  Personal Style is not only connected to clothing, but our overall well-being.  And the process to ensuring you are nourishing yourself with what that means for you, is where i come in.


Let’s connect.  Over coffee, by phone, in the comfort of your own space.  Book your consultation with me today.  It will recharge you.  i promise.  It’s your start to achieving whatever goal you might have.  An event, or an entire new phase in life  where you need to redirect how you approach it.  I’m here for you.  And can’t wait to meet you!


Book an appointment in the Month of October and get a $25 voucher for your next appointment!  x.o. renée

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09/ 20/ 17

Styling the seasons.

Joy is finding your voice.  Believing in the beautiful gifts that you know you have to share.  Then sharing them without apology or hesitation.  Seeking new ways to grow.  Discovering them.  Then sharing all the wonders that come with it.

We are heading into Fall babes.  Fascinated by the changing elements that make up this beautiful season.  Evolving colors, temperatures, and feelings that make us feel a little something new.

Styling the seasons is all about following these cues.  Embracing the newness, and discovering how it compliments our own evolution of Self.  Where we are going, what goals we have to achieve, and how we want to ultimately share ourselves with the world.

I love this time of year babes.  And love working with all of  YOU.  Discovering the next season brings joy not only in how we steer our own personal style, but in how we embody it in every stride that is our own.  So hold on, and let these changes come.  Embrace their silent hints that ultimately inspire growth and beauty.  Then share them with all the world to know and see.  You are something worth discovering!

x.o. renée


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09/ 15/ 17

Personal Styling with Renée.

Been taking a leap back into some very familiar places lately.  And i’m telling you, it feels good.  This familiar feeling that permeates my current everyday.  There’s something to be said about stretching your wings.  Putting yourself in challenging places and spaces.  Only to land right back where your heart feels most at home.   Yet, those feet are grounded much differently than before.  Yes?  It’s called Life.  Experience.  Loss.  Gain.  Ventures that succeed.  And those that need a gentle boot.  They all bring us back to exactly WHERE we need to land.  To that familiar place that draws our hearts to.  HOME.

When i started my business several years ago, there was this one underlying philosophy to all the work i would do.  It was simply to make any person i work with (mostly HER ), feeling beautiful after leaving me.  Maybe it was a simple conversation we exchanged.  The way she saw herself again.  The search for the perfect dress.  How we pulled whatever IT was together, so that when she walked into that room she felt more like HERSELF than she had ever imagined she could.  THAT is it.  That is why and where Renée Lara Style was born.  And why i am so excited to be back to familiar clients,  a growing and prosperous city of venturing entrepreneurs and creative spirits alike.

Personal Style is more than just clothes babes.  It’s about finding your voice and yourself in the most unexpected ways.  There is so much joy in doing my work simply because i get to see HER feel something that perhaps others try to squash.  Her BEAUTY.  Her simple and powerful beauty.  Because we all have it in us.  Sometimes it just takes one simple moment to turn that light switch on.  To see ourselves that way we deserve to be seen by all.  And that is where i find my absolute joy.  In watching this discovery when working with HER.

I’m back at it babes.  Taking on new clients.  Familiar and new.  Exploring new ventures.  And enjoying this beautiful ride of getting fully back into what has always been my love.  My passion.  My purpose.

Come join me.  Book an appointment.  Let’s dig into finding that moment where you feel exactly the thing you already are.


x.o. renée


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