08/ 01/ 16

Stepping up. Everyday.


Hello August!  It’s really nice to see you.  It also reminds me that Summer is initiating it’s close.  And because of that, I am reminded to step things up a bit.  How?  In absolutely every aspect of my life.  Stepping up my intentions for closing the Summer with gratitude and appreciation.  Stepping up how I choose to live out the day-to-day moments of work, life, and holiday retreats with those I am graced to be surrounded by.  Fall is knocking on my door.  And Ohhhhhh, how that makes my heart flutter a bit with the thought of closed toed shoes, booties for days, layers upon layers of scarves, and hottest of lattes.  However, let’s not wish these last days of Summer away.  Let those toes breathe a few more moments longer.  Embrace the season you are in babes.  Whether it’s filled with sunshine or stormy currents…it’s what is meant to be today.  Take in every step you take.  For each step taken brings you that much closer to your destined journey and path.  And elevating those steps with a little bit more presence of mind and gratitude can’t hurt.  xo~renée


Image by Renée Lara Style

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