01/ 19/ 16

the art of self love.


one of the best parts of my work is reintroducing the beauty a client has within.  let’s face it, we all lose sight of just how much we are capable of.  and so much of that starts with us being our own worst critic.  instead of highlighting what makes us so incredibly individual, we are programmed to focus on what we aren’t.  and well, that’s just not ok.  pursuing your best self starts with how much you can embrace YOU now.  we work so hard at perfecting what others see.  why not work harder at perfecting how YOU see YOU.

and yes, wardrobe can give you that boost. a perfect fit.  a new found love for print.  a bad-ass biker jacket. a bold cuff that you can slap on your wrist and feel like a force to be reckoned with.  and that process of transformation is what brings most joy in being your stylist.

at the end of the day, it’s all up to you babe.  self love is a journey.  and if you are willing to hop on that train and work harder to love YOU deeper…so much opportunity awaits.  dive in.  love yourself.  you’re worth it.

Image by Jenny Ham Photography

01/ 17/ 16

handbag obsessed.


pssst…i have a little secret. i have an obsession with something called handbags.  mostly the ones that can hold an army of goods. (a girl / mother can never be too prepared).  having said that…i also pride myself in choosing the ones that are of highest sentiment and value.  the ones that carry a story.  not a brand that says, ‘look at me !$!’  but rather one that says… ‘i have never seen you before?  you are quite magnificent.  what is your story?  who is your maker?’  because with all the things that are truly good and real, there is depth. there is beauty. there is life.

Image by  Jenny Ham Photography

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01/ 14/ 16


renee (1 of 1)-11

i have always been obsessed with the senses. how you see the world visually. how you can truly breathe its life in. through color. design. shape. smell. how incredibly inspiring and necessary our senses are to everyday living. they fuel us with ideas. they inspire. they allow us to find commonality with one another when we might feel worlds apart. they provide us with memories and lessons.

life certainly is beautiful when your senses are awake and alive.

i was 4, in my PreK classroom in Portland, OR.  our teacher guided all us children to sit in our usual circle for sharing time. we were then asked a question based on that week’s lesson plan. this week it was all about senses.  what was our favorite smell?  most children  answered the obvious. (cookies, cake, candy, etc.)

the teacher then turned to me…

‘renée, what is your favorite smell?’ she asked.  I simply said, ‘my mommy.’

there are still so many people in my life whose smell feels like home. i now feel that warmth i found with my own mother through my beautiful young boys. their sweet little fingers. their rambunctious spirit. their embrace. their smell.

and then there are those products that tug at your heart with a drop of its genius. the stroke of your favorite lotion on your skin. the feeling of a favorite dress draping over your body. a blanket that is so soft it could melt in your lap and wash away any feeling of unrest. whatever it may be, embrace how it makes you feel beautiful. how it allows life to breathe its precious senses through your story. because all of these little feelings and senses are what makes living, simply GRAND.


Image by  Jenny Ham Photography

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01/ 11/ 16

woman. black dress. pencil stroke.


” i love black. because it affirms, designs, and styles. a woman in a black dress is a pencil stroke. “

~Yves Saint Laurent

hello Monday. something tells me you’ve got something good up your sleeve this week. keep pushing the boundaries that make up who you are babes. and remember when in doubt, black is ALWAYS a good choice. it’s classic. it’s strong. it’s what you want to make of it in sharing your own personal taste. your personal style. YOU.

x.o. renée

Image by  Renée Lara Style

01/ 06/ 16

cool and cozy.


with the weather turning to a chilling winter vibe, i constantly get the question from clients on how to keep looking cool and chic while still staying warm with a cozy edge. some of the little details layered on to your favorite sweater or knit is the perfect accent to your winter look. a sweet collar. a bold bracelet. the draping of a one-of-a-kind scarf around your neckline. or dare i say, a new shade of pink to make your lips ward off the winter icy air. whatever you might carry in your personal trunk of accessories, break it out this winter. and give this season a little more than expected. after all, the cold is just another excuse to layer your look with love.

happy hump day babes. xo ~renée

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12/ 18/ 15

wardrobe cleanse.


heading into a new year, it’s never a bad idea to rid of the things that are weighing us down. toxic thinking. unhealthy habits. doubt. fear. past worries. it’s quite freeing really. to just say a graceful goodbye to then, and make room for an ambitious hello tomorrow.  your wardrobe is no exception. if we continue to hold on to the ideas in our head or the pieces in our wardrobe that simply do not make sense with who we are today, it’s our cue to shed some layers. SIMPLIFY. accentuate the beautiful things that are working for you NOW.  surround yourself with positive influences.  an environment that lifts you up.  people who bring out the most gorgeous side of your beauty. and a closet that welcomes the individual you are now. not then.

honor her. embrace her. accept her. love her.

let’s shed some layers and highlight your authentic style. message me at Renee Lara Style. let’s get started!

xo~ renee

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12/ 15/ 15

new york. living art.


new york is living art. there is an undeniable synergy the city possesses.  between the people, architecture, and natural energy that swarms the streets of endless possibilities and pursuits, you can’t help but feel it’s buzz . while spending a spontaneous quick few hours last friday in the city, a flood of much needed fresh inspiration entered my little soul. i am once again reminded how just a quick train ride from one city to another can expand your palate and stretch your creative drive.

no matter where you live, travel, or dream…don’t forget to open your eyes. stretch your heart. open your mind.  there are endless possibilities of inspiration that can influence not only how you see the beautiful world you live in. but how your see yourself, and the beauty you retain within.

be inspired today. inspire others. it’s like breathing life into an ordinary day, and making it simply extraordinary.

xo~ renée

image by| Renée Lara Style


12/ 09/ 15

yes to hats.


when the weather turns to a chill, i immediately get a bit giddy for all the possibilities of layering and accessorizing. time to break out more scarves, jackets, layers upon layers of cozy goodness.  but let’s not forget about the HAT. oh the endless possibilities that are out there in fashion. both stylish and sensible, the HAT can instantly turn up your looks volume. not to mention give you the little boost in your step that you didn’t quite have until you slipped it on your gorgeous head. 

so while it gets a little colder going into the winter months, don’t neglect the one important part of your body that carries with it all your amazing ideas, and abilities to thrive in this life. your head deserves to feel just as stylish and cozy as all the other beautiful parts on your body that you drape clothing upon.

happy hump day babes. xo~ renée

image by| Alexander Neuman

12/ 07/ 15

all the textures. all the feels.


from the time i can remember, i have been obsessed with senses. in everyday living. and even more so in how things feel to the touch. texture of clothing. texture of the earth.  soft. hard. edgy. smooth. imperfect. just beautiful.

clothing is wearable art. and when the composition pulls you in to explore it’s genetic map while your fingers slide over it’s terrain, well…it’s fashion poetry. how lucky we are to be able to drape such beautiful feelings on our skin and share in the delight of it’s splendor with those whom we encounter/embrace in our every day.

happy day to you babes. enjoy the senses that surround you this week. take it all in. one touch at a time.  #reneelarastyle

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12/ 04/ 15

in the details



it’s all in the details.  have you ever noticed some of the most gorgeous moments often possess a soft entrance?  heading into this weekend with a mindful heart to slow down while still checking off all the to-do’s on my lengthy list.  some of the most beautiful individuals share a common thread.  they may not be wearing the loudest and most expensive garment, however they are clothed in a beautiful light of simplicity and grace.  take a moment this weekend, and pay attention to the details that surround you every waking hour.  be inspired.  find a way to share what centers your inner beauty in how you dress. how you live out your heart for others. because, it’s all in the magical details that true beauty naturally resides. #reneelarastyle

image by| Jack Belli

12/ 02/ 15

floral inspiration



it’s no surprise that NATURE is such an inspiration for me personally. the world that surrounds us has so much to offer. and how we translate those itty-bitty details into everyday wardrobe is much like a love language to ourselves and others. find the little things that inspire you, and incorporate that into your wardrobe. personal style is a journey. enjoy the ride. and above all, stay true to your authentic self. your authentic style. #reneelarastyle

image by| Alvora Beamed Cortes

12/ 01/ 15

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