07/ 01/ 16

Summer. Nostalgia. You.


Summer has already been steering full speed over here, and I can’t help but feel an enormous array of nostalgia already for all the incredible moments that have rolled my way.  There is something about this time of year.  When the sun is constantly kissing your skin.  Shedding layers of routine and heavy wardrobe somehow bring with it a free-spirited energy that permeates the streets.  If there is ever a time to simply slow down, Summer has it’s way of convincing you to do just that.  And as I am soaking in every ounce that this season brings, my anticipation for what is to come drives me.  For the little memories and treasures I have already collected that sit in front of my desk…they are just the beginning of what’s to come in the making of the story that is my life.

Don’t forget to look around at the little things that surround you everyday babes.  They shape you.  Drive you.  Inspire you.  They become a representation of WHO you are, WHAT makes you feel alive, and what defines YOU.  Just like a little bit of magic, nostalgia simply is little pieces of your past and present that can transform not only the way you see the world around you…but how you see yourself.  Go ahead…take a look around.  Nostalgic moments are yours in the making.  EVERYDAY.


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06/ 20/ 16

love and style


Be the light you need to shine and share your natural BEAUTY.  Learn to fall in love with WHO you are today, and the journey you are traveling NOW.

The secret to true beauty, STYLE, and grace resides in your ability to embrace your present space and simply fall in love with it.

Joy lives there.  And so does LOVE.  Go ahead, fall in LOVE with yourself.  Style and light will surely follow.


Image by Renée Lara Style

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05/ 08/ 16

Love begins at Home.


” Love begins at home, and it’s not how much we do…but how much love we put in that action. ”  ~Mother Theresa

Celebrating all you beautiful women who are Mothers, have Mothers, or are acting Mothers.  Your role in simply being a woman for others, is the greatest achievement of all.


Image by Renée Lara Style

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04/ 20/ 16

Enriched by Personal Style.


“A Personal Style is like handwriting.  It happens as the byproduct of our way of seeing things, enriched by the experiences of everything around us.”

~Massimo Vignelli

I have always been fascinated about what actually defines one’s personal style.  Can you really mold and place the way someone shares their experience by wardrobe in a category?  Just like we each have a uniqueness of who we are, how we experience the world, and the intricate details of what makes up who we are…no one style PERSONALLY is the same.  And that my darling,  is something to celebrate.  The real challenge in the journey to KNOWING your personal style really is about allowing yourself to be honest with what makes you feel alive, free, beautiful, YOU.  No one can tell you what your style is.  Only you have the power in steering that wheel.  Because when it comes down to beauty and style…the ultimate kind to attain is the one that is uniquely, and utterly YOU.  And only YOU.


Image by Renée Lara Style

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04/ 15/ 16

a nod to the past.


“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” — Yves Saint Laurent

Had the opportunity to get my hands on some vintage Vogue magazines from the 50’s and 60’s.  What I found so beautifully interesting was how similar these women ‘felt’ like in the images then,  to the woman in current issues today.  At the core of who we are, every woman wants to feel BEAUTIFUL.  And whatever that means to her, there’s no denying fashion is a vehicle toward achieving the simple act in acknowledging just HOW beautiful she is.  Maybe it’s a new dress.  The perfect color tee that compliments her freckled face.  Shoes that give her a little extra height.  A bra that ACTUALLY fits!  Whatever it might be, all women deserve to feel beautiful, confident, proud.  So ladies, embrace your beauty.  You certainly have something beautiful to offer by simply being YOU.   xo~renée

Image by Renée Lara Style  


04/ 01/ 16

Hello April.


Looking forward is always key.  There’s no denying it.  April’s horizon has me filled with hope and joy.  Trust your gut.  When something feels right, it’s right.  When hope is present, there’s a new chapter to be had.  Happy April babes.  Embrace the small stuff.  Celebrate it even more.  And above all… KEEP GOING!!

Oh, and P.S…The amazing necklace I am wearing is by Luna Mena.  Not only am I a huge fan of her aesthetic and design, but also her art and practice for empowering the local talent and scene that are her women.  When you give back, you receive grace and an abundance of love.  ALWAYS.

Live it up babes.  Give back by loving more.  To all those who come within your reach.  Everyday.  xo~renée.

Image by Jenny Ham Studio

Wearing: Luna Mena

03/ 01/ 16

surround yourself with love.


| Surround yourself with things you love. Let the rest go.  It’s as simple as that.  In Fashion.  In Life. |

Happy Monday Babes.  Love hard the things that mean the most.  Get rid of the clutter.  Less really is MORE.  xo~renée

Image by Renée Lara Style

02/ 23/ 16

style. expression. freedom.


i received a text from my mother this morning all the way from my hometown, Portland, OR.  it was simple.  it was a quote that read,

‘Fashion is what someone tells you to wear.  Style is about personal expression and freedom.’   ~Gloria Steinem.

what made this text from my mother so meaningful was what she said to me next.  ‘this just really reminded me of you Renée.  what you are all about.  giving those you work with the gift of  finding their own personal style through freedom of expression.’  little does she know the weight of joy that text, and her words brought me this morning.

yes!…this is EXACTLY what it’s all about babes.  fashion is just a vehicle to finding and achieving your personal expression in style.  and now that Spring is on the horizon and layers are gradually slipping away, don’t forget to also shed the opinions and noise from others who are telling you WHAT to wear, think, or feel.  rather, listen to what makes clothing you an extension of who YOU are.  from the inside out.

when you dress for others, you achieve happiness for THEM.  when you dress for you, well…it’s a beautiful thing.  xo~renée

Image by my guy.

Wearing: Prana & Anthropologie

02/ 17/ 16

happy place. YOU.

renee (1 of 1)-16

hey babes.  it’s been a rough week personally.  lots of real-life stuff.  like the personal close to your heart kind of feelings.  no need to get into the nitty-gritty of it, but it pulled me in all sorts of directions this past week.  away from the day-to-day distractions of life.  making it absolutely clear where my focus needed to be.  THEM.  my core of this life.  my family.  and when i felt down and out.  drained to the core.  feeling like i couldn’t really peel myself off the train tracks of the reality of the NOW, i knew i needed to just GET AT IT full speed.  you know what i mean?   definitely more simply said than done.  and it’s in those moments that i realize the root of what makes up my ‘HAPPY PLACE’.  which really is without a doubt, THEM.  my boys.  my guy.

HOWEVER,  my ‘HAPPY PLACE’ is also is all about those little details in my life that remind me of what makes my heart rock the boat.  gets me jumping.  reminds me of who i am intended to be for OTHERS.  it’s the feelings of the past.  the senses of the now.  the colors that surround my everyday portrait that is this life.  just a reminder ladies, gentleman.  when you feel like you just don’t have it in you to keep that burning flame inside you going, IGNORE it.  it’s just life saying to slow down.  take a breath.  then perhaps take a peak at your surroundings.  whether it’s your people,  your places, or the tangible things that you can actually grasp and feel oh so good about.  that right there is YOUR happy place babes.  CLAIM IT.  own it.  LOVE IT.

never underestimate it’s value.  for it’s value equals your happiness.  your salvation.  your ultimate key to the success of YOU.  xo~ renée

Image by Jenny Ham Photography

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02/ 09/ 16

your legacy. your future. your fuel.


my dear friend Tia Slightham of Parent Coach featured me on her blog yesterday.

Her words are not only beautiful, but she certainly has a way of teaching how to master the art of parenting in style given the current culture and climate that is our reality.

thank you Tia!  you are cherished for the work you do, and the friend you are. xo~renée.

check out her post here.

Image by Jenny Ham Photography.

02/ 08/ 16

ordinary love. everyday.


it’s no surprise that celebrating anything beautiful is one of my absolute favorite things.  and really, what is more beautiful than the simplicity of loving another.  with all a heart can love.  in the most purest fashion.  forever understanding of their imperfections, while embracing their humanity secretly is the BEST part of genuine love.

valentine’s day is staring us right in the face this week.  and while celebrating your sweetheart is the center of this day, i am reminded more so of the love that happens everyday.  you know, the ordinary stuff when no one is looking.  the things that cost nothing more than a simple glance, or an act of selfless admiration and love.

happy valentine’s week babes.  love another, in the most ordinary way. everyday. xo~renée

Image by Renée Lara Style

Post inspired by a little act of love from my guy, Rodrigo.


02/ 05/ 16

keeping it personal.


happy weekend babes.  wishing you a restful and relaxing few days with those in your life who brighten you up from the inside out.  for me…well, it’s my guys that do just that.  and when things may feel a little off balance, remember to take a quick step back and drink in the little personal moments in your everyday life.

love day is around the corner.  so treat yourself to the tender love and care that is right in front of you this weekend.   xo~ renée

Image by Jenny Ham Photography

Location: Malvern Buttery


02/ 02/ 16

Create. Humble. Beauty. Style.

renee (1 of 1)-9

hey babes.  back at it this week.  and as a busy few days approach, i wanted to share with you a little reminder about why i do this thing called ‘wardrobe styling’.  in walking through your door and into your life,  i hope not only to transform your wardrobe’s potential but more importantly, your outlook on what defines how you see YOU.  personal styling is just that.  PERSONAL.  while assembling the piece to perfect your look or clear out the clutter that is distracting you from seeing the absolute best version of your personal style, i feel JOY.  with the humble use of my hands…i am here for YOU.  to make you see that it really isn’t about the piece that is draping on you that makes you amazing.  it’s the beautiful woman staring right back at you in the mirror.  and that, my friends is the real victory in styling you.

that moment when you see how beautiful you are – when i saw it all along.

connect with me. let’s clear out the clutter and unveil the most beautiful version of YOU.  xo~renée

Image by Jenny Ham Photography

01/ 19/ 16

the art of self love.


one of the best parts of my work is reintroducing the beauty a client has within.  let’s face it, we all lose sight of just how much we are capable of.  and so much of that starts with us being our own worst critic.  instead of highlighting what makes us so incredibly individual, we are programmed to focus on what we aren’t.  and well, that’s just not ok.  pursuing your best self starts with how much you can embrace YOU now.  we work so hard at perfecting what others see.  why not work harder at perfecting how YOU see YOU.

and yes, wardrobe can give you that boost. a perfect fit.  a new found love for print.  a bad-ass biker jacket. a bold cuff that you can slap on your wrist and feel like a force to be reckoned with.  and that process of transformation is what brings most joy in being your stylist.

at the end of the day, it’s all up to you babe.  self love is a journey.  and if you are willing to hop on that train and work harder to love YOU deeper…so much opportunity awaits.  dive in.  love yourself.  you’re worth it.

Image by Jenny Ham Photography

01/ 17/ 16

handbag obsessed.


pssst…i have a little secret. i have an obsession with something called handbags.  mostly the ones that can hold an army of goods. (a girl / mother can never be too prepared).  having said that…i also pride myself in choosing the ones that are of highest sentiment and value.  the ones that carry a story.  not a brand that says, ‘look at me !$!’  but rather one that says… ‘i have never seen you before?  you are quite magnificent.  what is your story?  who is your maker?’  because with all the things that are truly good and real, there is depth. there is beauty. there is life.

Image by  Jenny Ham Photography

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